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Terms of Sales

Article 1: Preamble

The Oasis-Shadrin Group company (Commercial Name: zoodirect.com– VAT LU26382226, Sarl with a capital of 200,000 euros, registered in the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register under the current number and whose registered office is at BP 41 6101 Junglinster, Luxembourg, publishes the website located at the address next: zoodirect.nl. Through this site, it offers for sale various products which Internet users, natural or legal persons, can acquire, in particular through a secure online payment procedure implemented and managed by banking establishments. whose services she enlisted. The Oasis-Shadrin Group company uses service providers to enable the delivery of products ordered by the consumer through the aforementioned site, and this according to the terms and deadlines indicated on the site at the time of the order. The Zoodirect site is produced in French as well as all the steps, electronic or not, necessary for the validation of his order by the consumer. The sales contracts concluded between the company and the consumer are therefore in French. To contact the company by email:click here .

Article 2: Application

These general conditions apply to any sale of products presented on the Zoodirect site. Any order placed with the company Oasis-Shadrin Group therefore implies unreserved acceptance of these conditions. Only the purchaser may avail himself of these conditions, and in particular the provisions relating to the guarantee. These general conditions may be modified at any time and without notice by the company Oasis-Shadrin Group, the modifications then being applicable only to orders made after their date of implementation. These general conditions of sale are permanently accessible via the Zoodirect site in computer formats allowing them to be printed and / or downloaded,

Article 3: Products

3.1: Price – Shipping costs

Prices are displayed in euros all taxes included, shipping costs included from € 49 of purchases, or € 9.90 per parcel excluding taxes for professionals on presentation of their intra-community VAT number beforehand. Purchases are subject to the value added tax of the country of destination. Any change in the legal rate of this tax will be reflected in the price of the products presented on the Zoodirect site on the date stipulated by the applicable legislative or regulatory text. Prices are subject to change at any time, in particular due to variations in supplier prices, an introductory offer, promotions or sales. Participation in shipping costs may vary depending on the purchase amount and the carrier selected by the consumer when ordering. The amount of transport costs is indicated in the customer’s documents (invoice) and in the basket (in progress). The shipping costs are not reimbursed in the event of cancellation of an order after its shipment and will therefore be deducted from the amount of the reimbursement made by the company Oasis-Shadrin Group, which will take place within 15 days after receipt of the order. Participation in shipping costs may be fully or partially supported by the company Oasis-Shadrin Group on an ad hoc basis. which will take place within 15 days after receipt of the order. The participation in shipping costs may be fully or partially supported by the company Oasis-Shadrin Group on an ad hoc basis. which will take place within 15 days after receipt of the order. The participation in shipping costs may be fully or partially supported by the company Oasis-Shadrin Group on an ad hoc basis.

3.2: Availability

The product and price offers are valid as long as they are visible on the site.
In the event of definitive unavailability, the Oasis-Shadrin Group company will inform the consumer through the Zoodirect site to make an appropriate proposal. The definitive unavailability does not open any right to compensation or damages in favor of the consumer, it can however lead to the cancellation and the reimbursement of the order.
In the event of temporary unavailability of a product, the consumer is informed on the Zoodirect site of the new deadlines applied by the suppliers and / or manufacturers of the product concerned as soon as possible. If this unavailability is prolonged excessively, an equivalent product will be offered on the Zoodirect site as soon as possible. The Oasis-Shadrin Group company may, failing this, offer the consumer the cancellation of the order and the consumer’s reimbursement.

3.3: Compliance

The products offered for sale by the company Oasis-Shadrin Group comply with the standards applicable in the European Union.
The consumer is the sole judge of the compatibility of the products ordered with the products already in his possession. The total or partial inability to use the products ordered by the consumer can in no case give rise to any reimbursement or compensation from the company Oasis-Shadrin Group.

3.4: Purchase orders

In the context of ‘gift offers’ coupled with the sale of a product offering several vouchers, these cannot be combined on the same order.
Example: If in the ‘gift offer’ you have two vouchers, they can be exercised on two different orders and will not be cumulative on the same and only future order.
The vouchers offered in this type of offer have a maximum validity period of one year from the purchase that triggered them.

Vouchers, reduction codes and other discounts (particularly quantitative) cannot be combined with each other, nor with promotional prices.

Article 4: Conclusion of the contract

In any case, the sales contract is deemed concluded only when the consumer’s account is debited for payment cards and PayPal payments, from the date of receipt of the transfer in the event of a bank transfer.

4.1: Order

The products offered for sale are presented on the Zoodirect site and accompanied by a description. The consumer wishing to buy one of these products can click on its graphic representation. This product is added to his shopping basket already containing, if applicable, other items that the consumer wishes to purchase and previously placed by himself in his shopping basket. At this stage, he has the option of deleting some of the items that appear in the shopping cart. When the consumer intends to finalize his order, he can click on the button “Validate the order” which appears under his shopping basket. He is then directed to a page offering a summary of all the items to be included in his next order. If the summary containing the prices of the products and the delivery costs as announced elsewhere on the Zoodirect site are suitable for him, the consumer can validate his basket, then enter his delivery and billing details then click on the logo of the banking establishment of its choice in order to be directed to the secure server of said banking establishment in order to proceed to payment in a secure manner. The consumer’s bank details are at no time in the possession of Oasis-Shadrin Group; their conservation and the maintenance of their integrity is therefore the responsibility of the banking establishment. Once the payment is validated, the company Oasis-Shadrin Group sends the consumer a summary of his order by email including in particular the details of the items ordered, the total price including VAT (except for the cases provided for in Article 262 ter I of the CGI) including the amount of costs Delivery. The Zoodirect site keeps orders pending payment for five (5) days. After this period, the order awaiting payment may be canceled.

4.2: Payment

The consumer expressly declares that he has all the necessary authorizations for the use of the payment method he has chosen during the validation of his order. He also undertakes to ensure his solvency before any order, failing the company Oasis-Shadrin Group to be able to proceed with the delivery of the products ordered.
The Oasis-Shadrin Group company also retains the possibility of suspending or canceling any order or delivery in the event of a refusal to issue payment authorization from the financial organizations questioned depending on the payment method chosen by the consumer. . Likewise, it retains the possibility of refusing to take into account an order or to make a delivery from a consumer with whom a serious dispute is in progress.
The consumer is also informed that the company Oasis-Shadrin Group can analyze and / or verify the orders placed in order to fight against fraud, and in this context reserves the right to ask the consumer everything proof that it would deem useful. At the end of this procedure, it reserves the right to suspend or cancel any order or delivery, even in the event of payment authorization issued by the financial organizations concerned, in cases where this analysis and / or these verifications would give to believe that the said order has been placed in fraud of the rights of a third party. It can also not bear any responsibility in the event of embezzlement or fraudulent use of any means of payment which has not been detected by this analysis and / or verification procedure.
All orders must be paid so that the customer can place a new order on Zoodirect (except special conditions validated by Oasis-Shadrin Group).
In the event of payment by bank transfer, the order will be validated and processed upon receipt of the sum in the Oasis-Shadrin Group bank account (except special conditions validated by Oasis-Shadrin Group).

Article 5: delivery

5.1: Information

The products are delivered to the delivery address provided by the consumer when ordering online or offline, and only in the Netherlands. In the event that the delivery address is different from the billing address, it is appropriate for the consumer to provide these two distinct addresses in the order form. It is also the consumer’s responsibility to provide all information useful for delivery when ordering in order to enable carriers to proceed with delivery. In the event of erroneous or incomplete information resulting in the inability of the carrier to proceed with the delivery, a second delivery will be made after the carrier returns the goods to the depot, this subject to the prior payment of the amount of new costs of port on the part of the consumer.
The choice of the country of destination must be made at the time of ordering. Any change of destination, resulting in the edition of specific document (s) will be invoiced at a flat rate of 50 €.

5.2: Delivery – checking the contents of the package

The consumer must carry out an examination of the physical condition of the parcel delivered by the carrier as well as an examination of its contents, and this in the presence of the deliveryman, including when depositing the parcel in a parcel relay. Any anomaly noted with one or the other of these titles must imperatively be the subject of handwritten reservations entered on the delivery slip of the carrier; these reservations must be made explicit, detailed, dated and signed by the consumer in order to avoid any dispute. No complaint can be registered in the absence of reservations made at the time of delivery .

5.3: Delivery – absence of the recipient

If the recipient is absent, and depending on the carrier selected by the consumer when ordering, the latter leaves a calling card in the letter box inviting him to collect the products at a given address. Once the package is deposited in a relay of the carrier, a new home delivery can no longer be scheduled and it is up to the consumer to recover his package within the time limit set by the carrier. After this period, the package not collected by the consumer will be returned to Zoodirect and a credit note minus the fixed shipping costs, corresponding to the carrier used will be established in the consumer’s name. The consumer will then have to re-place his order using this credit note to have his order reshipped according to the normal cycle.
In case of refusal of delivery by the consumer, he will be refunded the amount of his order less return costs borne by the company Oasis-Shadrin Group.

5.4: Delay – Loss

In the event of non-compliance with the carrier deadlines, the consumer should first contact the carrier concerned in order to verify that the products ordered are not subject to a standstill. In the event of a significant delay or difficulty in locating the order, the consumer can contact Zoodirect which will open an investigation in order to try to locate the package possibly lost by the carrier. The consumer should contact us by clicking hereand provide all the useful information to enable him to try to locate the products ordered through the carrier and in particular the order form. In such a case, the company Oasis-Shadrin Group is dependent on the deadlines imposed by the carriers concerning the declaration of loss and the reimbursement of the shipment. These times may vary depending on the carrier. No reimbursement of the consumer can therefore take place before the carrier has declared lost, at the end of his investigation, the products ordered. As soon as the declaration of loss made by the carrier, the company Oasis-Shadrin Group will reimburse in favor of the consumer.

5.5: Deadline

The delivery time is between 3 and 5 working days from the date of validation of the order, this time is estimated and depends on the local carrier. Any order placed on a working day before 11 a.m. is processed and shipped the same day. No delivery on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Article 6: withdrawal period

Pursuant to the provisions of Articles et seq. Of the Consumer Code, the consumer has a withdrawal period allowing him to renounce his purchase within 7 clear days from delivery.
He must imperatively express his intention to return the package in advance as part of the exercise of his right of withdrawal by contacting us via this form .
The products must not have been used, they must be returned to the company Oasis-Shadrin Group at the expense of the consumer and under his responsibility, with charge for him to carry out the insurance of the transport, in perfect state of resale, in their original packaging and showing no signs of impact or malfunction. Consumable products already opened are neither returned nor exchanged.

Subject to compliance with the above provisions, the Oasis-Shadrin Group company will reimburse the products ordered for the amount shown on the order form (the return costs are borne by the customer) within 30 working days. from receipt of the products (legal deadline). No refund can be made if the products are not in their original packaging, which must be perfectly intact. Pursuant to Articles L 121-16 et seq. Of the Consumer Code, professionals can neither claim the right of withdrawal nor the “satisfied or refunded” guarantee.

Article 7 – Subscription

7.1 . These General Terms and Conditions of Article 7 – Subscription, inform you of the terms and general conditions of sale under which Zoodirect provides a recurring subscription service (hereinafter called Subscription) allowing the (individual) customer to receive regularly and automatically food products for his pets.

7.2. Customer’s order under the subscription program will be processed like all other orders.
No return of merchandise will be made under the subscription program, except for a delivery error noted for which Zoodirect would be held responsible.

7.3. Benefits of the subscription program

All orders placed through the subscription program are discounted off the list price of the item. The discount percentage applicable to a product varies between 15% and 20% depending on the subscription frequency chosen by the customer. The discount is calculated from the unit selling price (without any discount). In the event of an increase in the sale price on Zoodirect, the prices offered in the subscription program may be revised. Zoodirect reserves the right to modify the prices.

7.4 Frequency, modification and suspension of shipments

When subscribing, the customer determines from a list of products offered, the product he wishes to receive. It also determines the frequency of delivery: 1 or 2 or 3 months. On the site, the date of dispatch of the ordered package will be displayed.
The customer can start a subscription at any time, their subscription will be treated as a standard order and will be shipped the next business day. The order is validated automatically and it will then be prepared and shipped.
The customer is informed by automatic email of each shipment of goods. In the email, the selected products and the amount debited will be recalled.
At any time, the customer can suspend, modify or cancel the shipments by connecting to his customer area.

7.5. Method of payment and duration of engagement

The customer pays for the first order when subscribing to the subscription offer.
Only bank cards and Paypal are accepted as a method of payment for orders placed with the subscription program. Payment for each order will be taken from the credit card registered by the customer when registering for the subscription program. However, Zoodirect will never have access to the customer’s bank details. A third party (Stripe) will encrypt this data to make it completely secure.
If the credit card becomes invalid at any time during the subscription period, or if the debit is refused for some other reason, Zoodirect will send an email to the customer at the address associated with the customer account, specifying that the subscription was interrupted and asking the customer to update their payment details. The subscription will be suspended and no additional orders will be processed or shipped until this information has been updated. If one month after the payment incident, the payment details have not been updated, the subscription program will be canceled.
There are no fees associated with joining a subscription program. Only the price of the products ordered and the possible participation in transport will be liable. Shipping costs are included from 49 euros of purchase with the carrier DPD, from 39 euros of purchase with the carrier TNT.
The subscription contract is a contract of indefinite duration. The customer will have the possibility to cancel his subscription free of charge, by connecting to his customer area on Zoodirect or by email at abonnement@zoodirect.com .

7.6. Delivery

Deliveries are made in the Netherlands only.
The choice of delivery method will be made upon subscription to the subscription program. It will not be possible to change the delivery method subsequently via the customer account. However, the customer may contact customer service at abonnement@zoodirect.com in order to study this possibility on a case-by-case basis.
The customer may modify the frequency of his deliveries within 7 days before the planned dispatch. To do so, all you have to do is connect to your customer area to modify your subscription, or send an email to abonnement@zoodirect.comby specifying his subscription reference as well as his contact details. Any request beyond this deadline cannot be taken into account for logistical reasons.

7.7. Suspension at the initiative of the customer, cancellation and readjustment of the subscription offer

Any request to modify or suspend the subscription (in the sense of putting it on hold) may be made by the customer, at any time, by logging into his customer area.
The customer has the option of suspending his subscription contract free of charge. The customer will receive a confirmation of the suspension by email from Zoodirect.

7.8. Limitation of Liability

In addition to the other limitations and exclusions contained in the General Conditions of Sale, in no case will Zoodirect be liable for indirect damages arising from or relating to the subscription to the subscription program. Zoodirect’s total contractual liability will not exceed the amount of all payments relating to the subscription that the customer has actually made. This limitation of liability will apply to the fullest extent permitted by law and will remain in effect after the suspension of the customer’s subscription.

Article 8: Returns

The return is made after obtaining a return number requested via this form and after having explained its reason. The consumer has 7 clear days from receipt of the package to make his request. The return number will be valid for eight clear days.
Only returns of perfectly intact products are accepted.

No item return will be accepted without request and prior agreement by email.
The risks of transport are entirely the responsibility of the sender, and it is therefore his responsibility to carry out all due diligence as to the security of the delivery, in particular by ensuring its shipment.
The return costs are entirely the responsibility of the sender, except in the case where the return is motivated by an error of the company Oasis-Shadrin Group in the preparation of the order.
Any product return concerning a product that is not properly packaged, whose packaging has been opened, or which, after examination, does not prove to be defective, cannot be accepted.

Article 9: Guarantees

The products are guaranteed by their manufacturers for the duration and according to the terms indicated on the description of the products appearing on the Zoodirect site and / or on the packaging of the products upon delivery. In the event of a defective product, the consumer must return it under the conditions set out in Article 7 of these general conditions. The consumer has 7 working days to return the product to us. The costs and risks associated with the return of the defective product are the responsibility of the consumer unless the return takes place within 7 days of the date of the order. The Oasis-Shadrin Group company cannot commit to any processing time for the return of defective products to the extent that after-sales service operations are carried out by the manufacturer of the products concerned. The guarantee of the products is subordinated to the full payment of their price by the consumer. Problems caused by improper use of the product or by an external cause cannot be guaranteed. The provisions of this Article cannot deprive the consumer of the legal guarantee described in Article L 211-1 of the Consumer Code.

Article 10: Retention of title

The transfer of ownership of the products delivered to the consumer only takes place after full payment of their price and its accessories by him. During the period until full payment of the price and its accessories, the risks of loss, theft or destruction are the responsibility of the consumer.

Article 11: Personal data

In accordance with the law of January 6, 1978 amended by the law of August 6, 2004, Internet users have the right to access and rectify their personal data. These data are provided only for the purpose of delivering the products ordered through the site or by telephone. They are mandatory for the processing of their order and any checks carried out to fight against fraud. If optional data should be collected, the consumer will be notified of this optional nature. The consumer is advised that the refusal to provide mandatory data results in the impossibility of proceeding with the delivery of the products he wishes to order. It is also advised that as part of the verification operations of the information provided when ordering, the data may be transmitted to third parties for the sole purpose of verification. The consumer has the possibility to oppose the possible transfer to a third party of personal data concerning him, except the third parties responsible for verifying the mandatory data provided during the order, it being specified that this opposition may result in the impossibility of process his order. The creation of a customer account on Zoodirect implies acceptance by the customer to occasionally receive promotional offers from the company Oasis-Shadrin Group only, it being specified that each sending will contain an unsubscribe link allowing him at any time to no longer receive these promotional offers. Information relating to the implementation of “cookies” intended to allow and / or facilitate the placing of orders online is available on the Zoodirect site. All requests for clarification concerning personal data and / or the purpose of the processing implemented, as well as the exercise of the rights of access, rectification and opposition will be made by email (use thisform ).

Article 12: Nullity – Tolerance

In the event that one or more of the stipulations of these general conditions are held to be invalid or declared as such in application of a law, a regulation or following a decision which has become final of a competent court , the other stipulations will retain all their force or their scope. The fact for the company Oasis-Shadrin Group or the consumer of not taking advantage of a breach of one of the obligations arising from these general conditions or of tolerating a situation does not have the effect of granting the other part of acquired rights. Such tolerance can in no way be interpreted as a waiver of the rights in question.

Article 13: Force majeure – Applicable law

The reciprocal obligations resulting from these general conditions are liable to be suspended in the event of the occurrence of a fortuitous event or force majeure. In particular, those usually retained by the case law of French courts and tribunals will be considered as such. These general conditions are subject to French law with regard to both substantive and formal rules. Any dispute must be the subject of an amicable settlement attempt.

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