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Ribbon and feather cat fishing rods

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Stimulate his cat by playing with him every day, will make your cat a balanced and healthy animal. In addition to that you strengthen the bond with him. The ribbon and feather cat fishing rod made of natural materials with a large plush ribbon, is perfect to make the happiness of your cat and yours.

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Did you know that making your cat play is essential both to stimulate his natural hunting instinct, but also to strengthen the emotional bond that unites you? Thanks to this cat fishing rod, you can occupy Minou and have fun both at home and during your travels with him.

Its wooden wand is practical and handy, and does not scratch your hands or wrists. The very long cotton ribbon which composes it, will attract your cat like a bird in the air!

  • Cat fishing rod made of natural materials
  • 43 cm wooden stick
  • Toy in mixed cotton and vegetable fibers, natural feathers
Weight 0,04 kg
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