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Natural sisal cat toy

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Giving your cat toys made of natural material will undoubtedly awaken his hunting instincts on a daily basis, which is essential for his psychological balance. The Natura Rolls & Ball toys are ideal for this. The sets of 2 allow you to double the pleasure of Minou and to place these natural cat toys everywhere in the house.

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Respond to your cat’s natural instincts with the Natura Cat Toy. Covered with two types of coarse raffia twine (a material cats love to sink their nails into) and super soft feathers on either side – these are the toys your cat dreams of. This fun toy provides exercise, relieves stress, and keeps your cat mentally and physically stimulated. Watch your cat’s natural instincts come out. Fun for them and fun for you.

Your cat needs a variety of toys for entertainment and hunting practice, especially if it doesn’t have access to the outdoors. Thanks to these natural material cat toys, he will be able to imagine prey to attack, observe them, track them in the apartment and run after them! Let him play alone, or have fun throwing and making them move next to him!

  • Cat toys in natural colors
  • Mostly use of natural materials such as vegetable cord and feathers
  • Set of two assorted toys for even more fun
  • Dimensions: Roll: 20 x 3.5 cm | Ball: 12 x 4.5 cm
Weight 0,053 kg
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