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Large litter exit mat

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Tired of your cat dragging litter around the house? Opt for this XXL litter exit mat (60 x 89 cm). Its size and material will make it an everyday ally and will spare you the daily chore of cleaning around the litter box and in the house. Easy to maintain, you can wash it with water and bleach for example.

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Your cat can’t help it! Each time he goes in his crate, he carries litter pellets under his pads that he sows all over the house. You don’t like it: it’s not clean, and in addition, depending on the chippings used, there is a risk of scratching the floor!

This XXL size litter mat is placed at the entrance to the box or the toilet. Thanks to its specific plastic material, it retains a large part of the litter grains hanging under Minou’s paws. Pleasant on the pads, it does its job efficiently and is very easy to clean. And of course, cleaning the house is also simplified: no need to track your cat with the brush!

Complementary accessory to your cat’s toilet or litter box. It must position itself in front of the litter box to give it the habit of passing over it after having carried out its daily needs, it will thus retain the granules of its litter. He can also position himself under his litter box to cover all sides of his journeys. In this second case, the rectangular litter mat allows better stability of its tray and thus avoid possible untimely movements of the latter.

  • Gray rectangular litter mat
  • Dimension: 60 cm x 89 cm
  • Acrylic material
  • Very resistant and washable by hand with water and bleach.
Weight 0,9 kg
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